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“We see the US oil & gas sector pushing opportunities and investments across the value chain." - Peter Bjerager, EVP, DNV GL

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We see the US oil and gas sector pushing opportunities and investments across the value chain. This shows the market’s ability to adapt and build a more robust portfolio as they position operations for the future. Our research echoes this and predicts a more positive outlook for the US market in the year ahead. 

By providing our Subscribers with a built-in exit strategy Kingfisher allows Unit Holders to monetize their Unit positions for cash, stock or tailored combination of both. 

Our Position

 Kingfisher Corporation stands ready to meet the energy needs of the re-emerging Oil & Gas Sector. With prices stabilizing and industry confidence on the rise, Kingfisher Corporation offers 3 - 5 times R.O.I. within a durable low-risk high-yield environment, created to ensure that our many “Subscribers” are protected from market fluctuations. How? By focusing on diversification and a disciplined Field Operating Process. 

The Opportunity

 Kingfisher Corporation has distinguished itself as an all-inclusive investment option, by skillfully incorporating initial Working Interest Units and their advantages (including the tax consequences), the intrinsic long-term cash flow, as well as the ability of the investor to participate in an array of opportunities beyond one Well. Kingfisher Corporation delivers a sustainable income stream, short-term high-yield play, or a multi-year rock solid security. Kingfisher is compatible with many short, mid & long term portfolio objectives.   

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